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Welcome and enjoy pictures of the fabulous landscapes that can be achieved here in the Baton Rouge area.
The historic fabric of Louisiana combined with an extensive palette of plant materials
serve to create magical outdoor spaces, be it large or small.
As you may note, there is a strong contrast in all my designs...contrast which compliments and enhances.
In planting design, bold-leaved Bananas arise from a bed of fine textured Ferns, and bright yellow-green plants
are placed against a backdrop of deep blue-black green.
This contrast affords a greater sense of both depth and interest in the landscape.
In addition, something is blooming or displaying seasonal interest at all times of the year.
Hardscapes afford a strong geometric, but balanced and harmonic quality.
Hardscapes also drain perfectly, as proper drainage is paramount in the Louisiana climate.
Cynthia Cash - 5424 Newport St. - Baton Rouge 70808 - Phone +1-225-7661703 - cynthiacash@cox.net